Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Data Analysis Spring 2014

I have updated my description of Data Analysis for Spring semester.  The course will be a bit different than it was, but in short, we will be doing projects, starting with collecting data using an online survey, recoding data using excel formulas, doing simple analyses in excel, and then working with larger scale datasets in R.  Throughout we will work on learning how to work with data, perform standard analyses, and understand what the analysis means.  Everyone will do actual factual projects using those larger and very real datasets.

Here are some details that you should know about:

You should buy a copy of "Discovering Statistics Using R".  The book is helpful because it combines statistics instruction with how to advice on using R.

Here are lectures on Stats from the author of the book, Andy Field.
Add them to your late list of youtube infotainment options.

There are some online resources related to the book:
I am not sure if I am going to want to use any of those, but thought you might want to know that they are there.

Read the updated content of our course, the schedule, and the assignments.

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