Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scorecards and progress reports

So, I shared a document with you that will allow us to communicate details, comments, links, and points related to assignments.  I made a document like the image above for each of y'all.  I am asking to you make an edit to it by creating your first progress report as a google doc, describing the three "Wuts?" and then choosing the option to share with anyone with the link, and then just posting the link in the space next to progress report #1.

You can actually use the same document for your all of your progress reports, just add the new info for the new week at the top of the sheet.  That way the older posts are below the more recent posts, and I don't have to scroll down to the bottom to see the important new info.   Got it?

What goes into a progress report?   The "three wuts?"

  1. Wut did you learn this week?
  2. Wut did you accomplish this week?
  3. Wut do plan to accomplish during the coming week?
During your first progress report I have the additional requirement that you demonstrate evidence of a successful google hangout with your illustrious project teammates.   This would include making a screen cap of you conversation with all present.  If I have to explain how to take a screen cap to you I will kick you in the shin.  Srsly.  

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