Friday, May 18, 2012

HW 3/4 work items

In class on Tuesday I mentioned several things for you to work on this weekend.  Here is a list and a note about some resources that I uploaded.

  1. Resources: 
    1. The codebooks for both datasets are shared in your google doc folders, and are linked on the crash course in statistics page. 
    2. The three chapters from the stats book are linked on that page as well.  They ought to help you understand how regression is used and what the results mean.
      1. I added the third chapter Friday (on multiple regression)
  2. Tasks
    1. Read the chapters on regression.
    2. Get more familiar with R code used in the Adoption research.
      1. use the example code.
      2. read the code to figure out what the parts do
    3. Start building your version of the code in a text file or R syntax file
      1. advantage of text file:  R crashes
        1. When R crashes, the notepad does not. 
      2. come to class on tuesday with commented code that you made this weekend!
    4. Work with the sections on:
      1. histograms (as demonstrated in class and the recent video)
      2. correlation matrices
      3. regressions
      4. other stuff
    5. Find Adil's posts on this blog.
      1. read the posts, and copy the syntax from his examples
      2. apply that code to the data from the Adoption example
      3. document and comment your new code
    6. Make sure you make progress on your participation
      1. log in to Khan academy and watch relevant videos (unless you already have viewed plenty of them while logged in)
      2. create at least 1 valuable post to the blog.  (see Adil's examples)
    7. Read the papers and look at the slide presentations for the example study that you will work with for your assignment. 
      1. Start figuring out what your extension study will do.
    8. Anything else?

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